If you have purchased a ClickBank product, the transaction will show up as "CLKBANK*COM" on your bank statement. If you are dissatisfied with your product, you may request a refund through CLKBank

How to Request a Refund


Step 2:
Provide order information in the Order Lookup fields. Note: If you don't have your order number, you can use the zip code and/or the last four digits affiliated with the debit or credit card used for the purchase. 

Step 3:
Click the Look Up My Order button.  

Step 4: Select the order you wish to request a refund for and click the
Request A Refund button.

Step 5: Select the Request a Refund radial button under the Ticket Type header.

Step 6:
Select a topic to describe the reason you are requesting a refund from the Support Topic dropdown menu. If there is not a topic that describes your problem, select Other and provide an explanation in the text box below. 

Step 7:
Click the Send button.

💥ClickTip: Most products have a refund period of sixty-days. If the refund period has passed, the refund request option will not be displayed. In order to request a refund after the refund period, you must contact the seller directly by using the email or phone number provided in the Seller Information section of the order information.

Refunds for Products Purchased with PayPal

If you paid for your purchase through PayPal, you may request a refund through CLKBank or through PayPal.

If a customer requests a refund from PayPal or CLKBank and the refund is issued to the customer, the refund is complete. The transaction is updated within PayPal and ClickBank and the transaction will be closed.

If the refund is unsuccessful due to any reason, ClickBank will inform the ClickBank Seller through their account that the refund has failed. Additionally, ClickBank will direct the customer to contact the seller directly and close the ticket. At this point in the refund process, ClickBank encourages the customer to contact PayPal directly regarding the refund if the ClickBank Seller is unresponsive.

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